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Rundfunk-Sinfonie Orchester Berlin

Schlüterhofkonzert – Johann Sebastian Bach – his family and friends III

Johann Sebastian Bach
Orchestersuite Nr. 4 D-major BWV 1069

Alessandro Marcello
Concert for oboe and orchestra d-minor

Antonio Vivaldi
Concert for four violins, violoncello and basso continuo b-minor op. 3 Nr. 10 RV 580

Georg Philipp Telemann
Concert for flute, recorder and orchestra e-minor

Johann Sebastian Bach
Orchestersuite Nr. 3 D-Dur BWV 1068
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It is getting time that the symphony orchestra RSB puts an end to its long lasting abstinence. Andrea Marcon includes his great experience, with the repertory of the 18th century, into three concerts in context with the Bach family – one more beautiful and more exciting than the other. Many orchestra soloists of the RSB have the chance to appear at their best. The three concerts offer an appealing overview of the diverse but representative genres of the baroque era. The fact that the sensual actually makes sense, is a joy for every musician.


Andrea Marcon
Anna Fusek (recorder)
Ulf-Dieter Schaaff (flute)
Ramón Ortega Quero (oboe)
Erez Ofer (violin)
Rainer Wolters (violin)
Nadine Contini (violin)
Barennie Moon (violin)
Hans-Jakob Eschenburg (violoncello)


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