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Kammerorchester Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Bach and Mozart

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
String sinfonia C-major Wq 182,3
Violincello concert A-major Wq 172
Berlin sinfonia F-major Wq 181
Concert for organ, strings und Basso continuo Eb - major

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
G-minor sinfonia KV 550
Konzerthalle Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach · Frankfurt (Oder) Tickets

If there is a German chamber orchestra that does authentic interpretations of Carl Philipp's compositions in concert as well as on recordings, it is the Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Ensemble, conducted by Hartmut Haenchen since 1982. In the last decades, the ensemble played nearly the complete instrumental works of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, in addition to the legendary flute concerts of Johann Sebastian Bach played by the well-known soloist Eckart Haupt. Trying to feel and play the second Bach son's music according to the time it was composed in, Hartmut Haenchen often includes the works of contemporary composers of Carl Philipp in his concerts, including works by family members, such as Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Johann Christian Bach and works by his father. Haenchen also includes musical pieces composed by later-borns, such as Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Through these vast interpretations, the musicians succeed in reviving the musical culture of the 18th century.


Soloists: Awardees of the international Johann-Sebastian-Bach competition Leipzig
Ditta Rohmann (violoncello)
Sebastian Küchler-Blessing (organ)

Hartmut Haenchen (conductor)


Instrumental music
Chamber music