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Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Chor

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: The Israelites in the Desert

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
The Israelites in the Desert
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Shortly after Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's arrival in Hamburg (1768) he began composing his oratorio 'The Isrealites in the Desert'("Die Israeliten in der Wüste"). In the spirit of time the piece does not so much follow a plot, but is rather a series of poetic reflections on the story from the old Testament. The piece was premiered at the opening of the Hamburg Lazareth-Church in 1769. However, Bach made it clear that it should not only be played on Holydays or in church, but on any occasion for the praise of God.

Klopstock was so enticed by Bach's opus that he convinced the composer to make his sheet music available to the public from 1774 onward.

In honor of his 300th Birthday his oratorio "Die Israeliten in der Wüste" will be performed in the Altonaer Kulturkirche ('Culture-church'). "Kulturkirche" - he would have liked this word, because culture and religion were not seperate entities, but went hand in hand for Bach.


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