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Simone Eckert / Professor Menno van Delft

Carl Philip Emanuel Bach and his brothers

Works by Wilhelm Friedrich, Johan Christian and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
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„Mich deucht, die Musik müsse vornehmlich das Herz rühren.“ (It seems to me that music should touch the heart.) This quote from Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's autobiography (1773) can be considered exemplary for the mind-set of the artist. The generation of musicians after Johann Sebastian Bach criticises the baroque style as confused and artificial. Progressive composers used intentional simplicity to find "natural beauty" and the direct expression of emotion in their music. It should be "beautiful, touching and elevated". The melody became the most important element and came to the foreground. The programme will guide us through the moving era of the carination of baroque, sensitivity and Storm and Stress.


Simone Eckert (viola da gamba)
Menno van Delft (harpsichord)


Instrumental music
Chamber music
Music for keyboard instruments solo (harpsichord/piano/organ)