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Elb´an Flutes and Henning Lucius

In times of upheaval

Triosonata in C-Major (after Wq 146) • Triosonata in B-Major (after Wq 85) • Quartett a-minor (after Wq 93)
Sonata No 3 h-minor: Cantabile • La Capricieuse: Allegro • Sonata G-Major: Larghetto- Allegro C. P. E. Bachs sensations
Free fantasy for piano in F sharp-minor • Rondo G-Major: Andante • Sonata C-Major H 248 (Hamburg)
Kreuzkirche Wandsbek · Hamburg Tickets

The Recorder trio „Elb´an Flutes“ and the pianist Henning Lucius reunite for this concert and revive the composer and his epoch in a tense melange of tradition and the departure. Henning Lucius has repeatedly been honoured with prizes and grants, so have the three Recorder player - Nóra Kiszty, Maria Pallasch und Anabel Röser.


Chamber music