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Ady Ensemble

Glass, Gregorian, Bach and Bossa Nova

C. P. E. Bach: String Symphony No. 6 in E major
Thomas Green: New Work, for strings, solo trumpet, and live electronics (Soloist: Clint Allen, Trumpet)
Philip Glass: Symphony No. 3, for nineteen strings
Guillaume de Machaut: Kyrie, from Masse de Notre Dame
…plus more surprises and silliness to be revealed on the day!
St. Andrew's Uniting Church ·
Ann St, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia

We continue our celebration of CPE Bach’s innovative string symphonies, with his 6th Symphony in E major. Although criticised in their day for going against the prevailing conventions that were in vogue, these wonderfully engaging and emotionally multifaceted works will appeal to listeners of all tastes.We so enjoyed giving the Australian Premiere of the Glass 3rd Symphony in 2012 that we’ve decided to have another crack at it. Don’t miss out, as it will be some time before we perform this work again. Critically acclaimed performer and Churchill recipient Clint Allen will join us on trumpet, as Tom Green joins us again in 2014 for a new work for Ady. The earliest complete mass in existence, Machaut’s Masse de Notre Dame comes alive via strings through a new arrangement of Kyrie from the mass. 2014 also marks the twentieth anniversary of the passing of Antonio Carlos Jobim, the master of the Bossa Nova. We also pay tribute to him in this concert.


Ady Ensemble


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