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The Badinerie Players
University of Queensland Singers

Vocal and Instrumental Chamber Music by Bach and his Circle

Sonata for flute and cembalo obbligato in D, Wq83, H505 (1747)
C. P. E. Bach (1714–1788)
Allegro un poco – Largo – Allegro
Quartet in G minor, O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden
J. G. Janitsch (1708–c1763)
Largo – Allegretto – Adagio (chorale) – Vivace
Sonata for cembalo obbligato, violin and cello in A minor, Wq90/1, H522 (1775)
C. P. E. Bach
Presto – Andante – Presto ma non tanto
Harpsichord concerto in G, Wq4, H406 (soloist: Rosalind Halton) (1738)
C. P. E. Bach
Allegro – Adagio – Allegro
Klopstocks Morgengesang am Schöpfungsfeste, Wq239, H779 (1783)
(Morning Song at the Feast of Creation)
C. P. E. Bach
Nickson Room, School of Music, University of Queensland ·

This year we celebrate the 300th anniversary of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, one of the finest composers of the eighteenth century, and probably the most original and innovative. During a creative life of over 50 years, Bach worked in every vocal and instrumental form except opera. In this re-spect he resembles his father Johann Sebastian Bach, whom he acknowledged as his only teacher, but as a child of the Enlightenment he followed and helped to create a more modern style than his father’s. Emanuel Bach’s music is characterised by a powerful expressiveness, a strongly rhetorical style which is freer and more capable of depicting swift mood changes than the music of Sebastian and his generation. These sometimes mercurial mutations can occur within a single theme, adding a level of unpredictability to his works. As a thoroughly trained composer he was quite capable of writing a fugue, but he rarely did so outside church music, the natural home of counterpoint. Instead, he adopted the more modern galant style, which in the hands of lesser composers can be rather simplistic, but allowed full rein to Bach’s expressiveness.


The Badinerie Players | on original instruments:
Rosalind Halton | harpsichord
Meredith Beardmore | Gillian Rankine | flute
Margaret Connolly | Chen Yang | Margaret Caley | Wayne Brennan | violin
Nicholas Tomkin | Margaret Caley | viola
Dan Curro | Deborah Davis | cello
Michael O’Loghlin | viola da gamba | violone | conductor
University of Queensland Singers:
Vanessa Cooper | Jessica Taylor | solo sopranos
Madeline Gibbs | Johanna Rosenthal | sopranos
Spencer Chapman | Nicholas Turnbull | tenors
Daniel Dempster | Louis Dooner | basses


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