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Bethany Seymour
Catrin Woodruff

Songs of the Soul

Lieder from Berlin by C. P. E. Bach, J. F. Reichardt and C. F. Zelter
St Margaret’s Church ·

This captivating programme of song explores Lieder’s Prussian roots and charts the route to its establishment in Schubert’s Vienna towards the end of the 18th Century. Songs by CPE Bach include: Wider den Übermut, Wq 194/49; Morgengesang, Wq 194/15; Der Tag des Weltgerichts, Wq 197/13; Bitten, Wq 194/9 and Der Kampf der Tugend, Wq 194/53.


Bethany Seymour | Catrin Woodruff (sopranos)
Nancy Cole (alto)
James Gilchrist (tenor)
Matthew Brook (bass)
Peter Seymour (fortepiano)


Vocal music
Secular cantata or aria