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Freiburger Barockorchester

The resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
"The resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ" (Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt Jesu) in a transcription by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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Vienna stands on its head
Gottfried van Swieten instincts proved him right again. Mozart was inspired when the Baron showed him Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's ´Jesus Christ's resurrection and ascension` during the spring of 1788. Van Swieten asked Mozart to conduct three concerts, two privately organised and one public performance in Count Esterházy's Viennese Palais. The Baron, as Mozart's patron, had already made him aware of J-S Bach and Händel's compositions, that certainly had a crucial impact on his own work. The calm and through and through lyrical aspects of these great master's music thrilled Amadeus. Especially the sensitive character of the compositions touched him. Mozart is excited about the project and does not hesitate a moment to begin transcribing CPE Bach's work. Bach himself was proud of this composition and said "this being one fo my notable masterpieces, it is one young composers can learn from". And the performances were a hit and Vienna stands on its head. René Jacobs, one of the most exciting conductors working today, is preparing exactly this transcription. Surprisingly, for Mozart's usual approach, he hardly touched Bach's original. He touched-up here and there and incorporated some of his own unique accents, but essentially left its spirit as Bach's. A delightful contribution to the Salzburg Mozart Week - and a forceful piece of oditory receptional history.


RIAS Kammerchor
René Jacobs (conductor)
Miah Persson (soprano)
Bernard Richter (tenor)
Michael Nagy (basso)


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