C. P. E. Bach’s publisher Breitkopf

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach – People and Places

Johann Gottlob Immanuel Breitkopf (1719–1794), painting. (Source: Wikipedia)Among C. P. E. Bach’s friends  Johann Gottlob Immanuel Breitkopf (1719–1794)holds a special position, as their friendship, which lasted four decades, consisted exclusively of correspondence. As the director of the publishing house Breitkopf & Härtel, which his father had been a co-founder of, he was equally bound to the headquarters in Leipzig as Bach was tied to Berlin and Hamburg due to his professional obligations. Breitkopf, whose significance for musical history consists of the introduction of movable and dismountable types in the printing of music in 1755 was the most eminent of Bach’s publishers, entailing Schwickert (Leipzig), Winter (Berlin) and Artaria (Vienna). Neither must the contact to Artaria, arranged by Gottfried van Swieten (1733–1803), be underestimated: the Austrian diplomat, a great music aficionado, made C.P.E Bach’s music known to Mozart and Haydn, thus effecting Bach’s influence on the emerging First Viennese School. Van Swieten was also the sponsor of Bach’s six Hamburgian string symphonies (Wq 182).

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