“You have to make music from the soul, not like a trained bird.”

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach – eine Illustration des Berliner Künstlers Olaf Hajek für das Jubiläumsjahr zum 300sten Geburtstag des Komponisten im März 2014.Johann Sebastian Bach's second eldest son, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, belongs to the most important composers of the 18th century. Although his father is better known today, C. P. E. Bach enjoyed much greater acclaim during his lifetime. His extensive body of work experienced great appreciation and an unusually large distribution. He was a crucial influence to Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven.

“He’s the father, we’re the boys.
Everybody who has
accomplished something
has learned from him.”
— Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

C. P. E. Bach is one of the main representative of the musical epoch of sentimental style, which combines the styles known as Baroque and the Vienna Classic. Especially in his more mature years the very accomplished composer developed his very own and unique style, not connected to other fashionable movements.