C. P. E. Bach Works Catalogue

Works catalogue especially created for the C. P. E. Bach home page, Bach Archive Leipzig (Christine Blanken, Solvej Donadel, Wolfram Enßlin, published August 2013)

This overview is based upon the two catalogues compiled by Alfred Wotquenne1 (Wq) and Eugene Helm2 (H) as well as the vocal work catalogue by Wolfram Enßlin and Uwe Wolf due to be printed soon in the Series Bach-Repertorium. Werkverzeichnisse der Musikerfamilie Bach, vol. III/2).3 The vocal works are largely mentioned without reference to a works catalogue, as the respective volume of the new catalogue is not available yet (as of 2013).

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Instrumental Music · Vocal Music · Theoretical Works

The datings of the instrumental works derive from information C. P. E. Bach himself provided for the catalogue Verzeichnis des musikalischen Nachlasses des verstorbenen Capellmeisters Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (Hamburg 1790).

As this inheritance catalogue proves, C. P. E. Bach owned a large music library which can even be mostly recreated according to recent research. Many of these works experienced their première in Hamburg, sometimes after having been processed and integrated into the composer's own works. Regarding the vocal works this compilation also entails compositions based on the works of other composers (here you will find an indication of the composers of such “model works”).

Works of doubtful authenticity are only mentioned in exceptional cases.


1. Alfred Wotquenne, Catalogue thématique des œuvres de Charles Philippe Emmanuel Bach, Leipzig 1905. 

2. E. Eugene Helm, Thematic catalogue of the works of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Yale 1989. 

3. Wolfram Enßlin and Uwe Wolf, C. P. E. Bach. Thematisch-systematisches Verzeichnis der musikalischen Werke: Bd. 2: Vokalwerke (to be released 2014).